“Power Ranger” by Power Chocolatín Experimento (Video)

“Power Ranger” is the latest single by a Uruguayan band known as “Power Chocolatín Experimento”.

The song is featured on a split that the band recorded with Cadaver Exquisito, and the Argentinean band Cuco. You can download it for free on CaracolRojo.com.ar.

To cut a short story even shorter, I’m including this video on MusicKO simply because any person that comes up with a lyric which goes “Quiero vivir como un hombre, y morir como un Power Ranger” [I want to live like a man, and die like a Power Ranger] can instantly consider himself my blood brother.

You can download Power Chocolatín Experimento’s music on their bandcamp profile. It basically comprises a 3-song EP named “Ernesto Paz”, and an eponymous album with 9 tracks.

Oh, and before I sign off…

This is Power Chocolatín Experimento!

Power Chocolatin experimento
This is Serebro! Performing “Song #1”! In 2007!


This Is Sparta