Badly Drawn Boy’s “Promises” and “Nothing’s Gonna Change Your Mind” (Videos)

Badly Drawn Boy

Badly Drawn Boy

Poor Badly Drawn Boy. I gave him some stick when reviewing Erika Chuwoki’s debut EP, “La Corporación”. Rather, the latest album that he had released (“Born In The UK”) got the stick. I really adore the guy.

And I just feel I have to say that “Born In The UK” has some really good songs. “Promises” is one. “The Times Of Times” is another. And so is “Degrees Of Separation”.

Plus, there are a couple of songs like “Nothing’s Gonna Change Your Mind” whose videos turn them into something largely more appealing.

See it for yourself. I have embedded both the videos for “Promises” and “Nothing’s Gonna Change Your Mind” below. I’m sure you’ll more than enjoy them.

Weren’t it for dreck like “Welcome To The Overground” and the title track, “Born In The UK” would have been a more than decent album. Sigh.