The Biggest Candidate For The Turkish Rickroll Ever Is Here: “Cilgin” By Ismail YK

Ismail YK

Ismail YK

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the video that has been the talk of the Internet for the last couple of days notwithstanding the fact that it is in Turkish, and the only words that those among us who don’t speak the language will get are “Facebook” and “Internet” . Well, that is more than we could understand from “Hibi no Neiro”, and we all loved it regardless of that.

This particular clip is named “Cilgin” (“Crazy”), and it is performed by Ismail YK. And if it doesn’t become the Turkish Rick Roll, then I am afraid nothing will.



This is an English translation of the lyrics to the song.

I went to internet cafe
Logged in to my Facebook page
I called my self “Crazy” (Cilgin)
I’m a member as of now
I met with a sweetheart
We’ve been writing each other everyday
It’s like a medicine to my heart
I become a loving person

She deserves to be be loved
And has beautiful eyes
It’s hard to find someone like her
Everyone is asking how I found

Facebook Facebook I’ve been seeking everyday
Facebook Facebook where I found her
Facebook Facebook It’s a love at first sight
Facebook Facebook I think I’m falling for her