Month In Review – June 2010

June was very rewarding if only because I managed to cover three unsigned Uruguayan artists over the course of the month: Mal Yo, Laiojan Sebastian and Lucía Ferreira. The three of them are very promising bands and solo performers, and Laiojan Sebastian in particular was the reason I began writing about unsigned artists on MusicKO. Their inclusion on the blog was long due.

The one new artist that I added to the blog was The Divine Comedy – you can read the general introduction here, and a review of “A Secret History – The Best Of The Divine Comedy” here.

The startups that I covered during June were the social network SeeJoeRock, (a site that brings mixtapes back for good), and the Tony-B Machine, a great resource for those wanting to create electronic music. I also covered TasteBuds, a site that will let you find that special other based on the music that you like.

And the entrepreneurs and startup founders that I interviewed were Majid ALSarra (from Lyreach), Caroline Bottomley (from Radar Music Videos) and Tony Bouchereau (creator of The Tony-B Machine)

Lastly, make sure to check out the most visited post of the whole month: Steve Moore, the mad drummer!

Meet Steve Moore, The Mad Drummer (Video)

A video that is going viral any minute now, this chap plays the drums as if there were no tomorrow. And he doesn’t miss a single beat. Amazing.

This chap goes by the name of Steve Moore, and he has already been dubbed “The Mad Drummer” for reasons that are obvious once you have seen him in action.

I bet this is his final gig with these yellow-jacketed fellows. And I am also sure we are going to see a lot more of him in the future.

Enjoy the video. The song is ZZ Top’s classic “Sharp Dressed Man”, by the way.