How Does REM’s Michael Stipe Use Tumblr?

Pretty much like you and me, that’s how. Just take a look at his personal Tumblr, “Confessions of a Michael Stipe”. He abides by the same rules as any old Joe. The frontman of the “fathers of alt rock” has no special privileges or treatment of any kind when it comes to the creative work he makes public there.

"Confessions of a Michael Stipe" Is The Official Tumblr Of REM's Iconic Singer

Stipe has recently remarked that his personal Tumblr actually represents the “real” him – it’s not subject to people’s preconceptions, and no record company exerts the slightest influence on what he decides to publish.

Stipe also says he picked that name because of its ironic value. “This might not be the Michael Stipe that you think you know,” he said, “this is actually me”.

The Beastie Boys Release Their Latest Song On Tumblr

The Beastie Boys Have Turned To Tumblr To Promote Their Latest Song (“Make Some Noise”)

The Beastie Boys Have Turned To Tumblr To Promote Their Latest Song (“Make Some Noise”)

The Beastie Boys have chosen to release their newest song (“Make Some Noise”) online, well ahead of their next album (which is yet to be named). That’s nothing new. However, what makes this prerelease special is the service the boys have gone for.

You see, they are not sharing the song via MySpace or Facebook. They aren’t even sharing it on YouTube. Rather, the service they have chosen is no other than Tumblr.

That’s certainly big news for the microblogging platform – or is it? If you take a good look around, you will learn that the service is growing by a quarter billion impressions every week. It was only natural that some rock stars would begin taking to it to promote their art.

What do you think will happen next? Are more and more artists going to begin following suit? Or will they just stick to Facebook and MySpace for promoting ther music? Comment, people!