Van Velthoven (Uruguayan Artist)

Van Velthoven

Fully aware of where he’s come from and where he intends to go, Van Velthoven is a Uruguayan artist with a sharply-defined vision.

From his Facebook profile:

“On his project, Van Velthoven nods to some of the greatest rock/pop artists in history. He pays homage to their aesthetics without losing his musical and artistic personality. The lyrics deal with revolution, the inner self, social issues, nature, power, love… The artist aims to reflect his inner self, and he invites us to walk besides him along the pathway of art in its fullest expression. The idea is that every person who does it will be transported to a different world, a parallel dimension called “Van Velthoven”.

Below you’ll find a video for the song “El Juego de la Muerte” [The Game of Death] in which he is joined by legendary Uruguayan rapper Jazzy Mel.

Van Velthoven’s website is found at This is his YouTube channel. And you can both listen to his music and download it for free on his Bandcamp profile.



A new video of Van Velthoven playing live with his band and Uruguayan journalist Martín Sarthou. The song is named “¿A Dónde Irás?” [Where Will You Go?]:

A new version of “El Juego de la Muerte” (also featuring Jazzy Mel):

And his album “Rey” [King] has recently been issued. I hope to review it soon. In the meantime, take a look at the artwork:

Van Velthoven cover

Van Velthoven back

For more info, head to Van Velthoven’s brand-new Facebook fanpage.