Lady Gaga Is Now On Farmville

Lady Gaga Comes To Farmville!

Lady Gaga Comes To Farmville!

Lady Gaga keeps on reminding us why she is called “The Internet Artist”. Her newest venture has her claiming ownership of a portion of FarmVille. It is aptly-called GagaVille, and people who get there can grow jewels and get her new album (“Born This Way”) when they purchase $25 in Zynga game cards.

Zynga is certainly not strange to partnerships with musicians and entertainment companies, as it has previously worked with Snoop Dogg, Dreamworks and Nickelodeon to drop a few names. But the Lady Gaga partnership is unarguably its largest entertainment deal.

GagaVille wll be open until the 26th of May.

Promo clip attached below: