Joel Oberstein (New Releases Now!) – Interview (Part 2)

This is the last part of the conversation I had with Joel Oberstein from New Releases Now! You can read how it all started by checking yesterday’s post, and see what I had to say about the site when it was first reviewed on MusicKO here.





When did you become interested in music? What was the first album or single you ever purchased?

I’ve always loved music, and my parents turned me onto a lot of good stuff growing up.  I’d lock myself in my room, blast music and study every photo and word on an album.  It’s difficult to remember the first thing I ever bought, but I’ll go with the vinyl single of “The Night Chicago Died” by Paper Lace.

Are you in a band yourself, or have you been in a band in the past? Is there a clip on YouTube or elsewhere we could watch?

Yes, I was in a few local bands…one of them was called Soaked, which had a few songs featured on the TV show ‘Party Of Five’ several years ago. 

Musical likes and dislikes? Favorite artists?

I like a lot of different stuff, but tend to be more rock leaning in general.  Some of my all-time faves include The Clash, Wilco, The Who, Zeppelin, My Morning Jacket, 70’s Elton John, Bob Dylan, Radiohead, The Kinks, Prince, Big Star……and so many more!

If you had to name the song that moves you the most, what would it be? Can you pinpoint the reason why?

It changes based on what I’m going thru at the time of course, but “The Only Living Boy In New York” by Simon & Garfunkel kills me every time.  It’s just perfect on every level IMHO.