Gamepad Nes Punk Releases Its First Music Video: “1up”

by Emilio Pérez Miguel on September 27, 2012

The guys who make up Gamepad Nes Punk level up with the release of their newest music video, “1up”.

As you probably remember, they are a band from the city of San Carlos (Maldonado) that I originally featured on MusicKO earlier this year, when skies were a hazy shade of blue, and Europe hadn’t yet cancelled their upcoming show in Montevideo. Rotten bastards. I’m one of the few morons who bought a ticket, it seems. I knew it, I should have gone and see Shakira instead… Dirty Swedes, they’ll face the unmitigated wrath of Uruguay in the next Soccer World Cup…

“1UP” has been directed by Juan Tambolini and the music was recorded at Beats & Bars Studio by Maximiliano Ahlers.

If you want to get in touch with the band, you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter, And they’ve also got a webpage of their own – check it out, it’s pretty fun. Almost as fun as listening to Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing”, and asking someone to please explain the lyrics to you because you’re a foreigner, and your knowledge of English is rudimentary. By jingo, try that out sometime…


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