“Mirame” by Nicolás Sánchez (Music Video)

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After fronting a rock & roll band called Suburbio for more than 6 years, Uruguayan musician Nicolás Sánchez decided to go solo last year. When he asked me for a review to promote his first single (“Lejos”) [Far Away], little did I know he was actually going to be performing the day I released my first book of prose, “Ayer La Lluvia” [Yesterday The Rain].

“Mirame” [Look At Me] is a song included on his first solo album, “Temporales” ¨[Storms] – an album you can download for free here.

mirame nicolas sanchez

The song is very important to me, if only because it came to define my feelings in the aftermath of writing the book – a time in which lots of people started coming and going from my life.

We shot this clip in order to open up the main event for “Ayer La Lluvia”, held on the 24th of July at the Sala Zitarrosa (one of the most revered venues in Uruguay).
That night, both Nicolás Sánchez and pop musician Nadia Costa played full sets. Their songs actually embody aspects of the book in close detail, so they ended up reenacting the story of “Ayer La Lluvia” onstage in an amazingly accurate way.

The clip itself was directed by Agustín Fagetti Methol, and edited by Félix Pérez. Model Angela Tassano and Nicolás Sánchez himself did the acting. And the female voice you can hear throughout is that of Uruguayan singer-songwriter Laura Chinelli.

Gamepad Nes Punk Releases Its First Music Video: “1up”

The guys who make up Gamepad Nes Punk level up with the release of their newest music video, “1up”.

As you probably remember, they are a band from the city of San Carlos (Maldonado) that I originally featured on MusicKO earlier this year, when skies were a hazy shade of blue, and Europe hadn’t yet cancelled their upcoming show in Montevideo. Rotten bastards. I’m one of the few morons who bought a ticket, it seems. I knew it, I should have gone and see Shakira instead… Dirty Swedes, they’ll face the unmitigated wrath of Uruguay in the next Soccer World Cup…

“1UP” has been directed by Juan Tambolini and the music was recorded at Beats & Bars Studio by Maximiliano Ahlers.

If you want to get in touch with the band, you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter, And they’ve also got a webpage of their own – check it out, it’s pretty fun. Almost as fun as listening to Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing”, and asking someone to please explain the lyrics to you because you’re a foreigner, and your knowledge of English is rudimentary. By jingo, try that out sometime…


“Cuanto Más” by B01 (Video)

B01 are Pablo Beltrán (guitar/vocals), Andrés Rivero Brandolino (Bass), André Dalla Zuanna (Guitar) and Agustin Silveira (drums/backing vocals)

A new music video by a new Uruguayan band, “Cuanto Más” [How Long] is B01’s first single.

My story with the guys who make up this rock & roll band goes a long way back, to the time in which we used to swap Super Mario Bros. trading cards. Ah, you can’t beat these memories…

In a very clever marketing ploy, they’ve made a cute dog the star of the video. And in an even cleverer move, they’ve made the doggy look absolute destitute and forlorn. The adorable puppy looks for love everywhere, only to find it and lose it. Excuse while I put the pieces of my heart together again…

And since I already love B01 more than Noah loved Allie in “The Notebook”, I’m going to get personally involved in their cause, and tell them who should star in their next music video. There, this will do:

I’m eagerly looking forwards to the band’s next video.

Incidentally, has anybody got Buzzy Beatle’s trading card? I’ve looked for it ever since David Bowie announced his first retirement…

Answers on a postcard to the usual address, please. And if the postcard also happens to feature the Dutch Field Hockey Team, then I’d be elated.

“A Donde Van Los Pájaros” by Luciano Supervielle (Video)

Luciano Supervielle

This week I’m sharing with you all the music videos that have been nominated for a Graffiti award. There’s five of them, coming from artists spanning very different genres.

The one I’m sharing first is among my personal favorites, although there’s no denying all the clips that have been nominated are strong contenders for the big prize.

So, this is the video for Luciano Supervielle’s “A Donde Van Los Pájaros” [Where do birds go]. The song is featured on his 2011 album, “Rêverie”, and it tells a coming-of-age story interwoven with just the right threads of yearning and abjection to make the end result entirely relatable.

The “Premios Graffiti” [Graffiti Awards] are Uruguay’s answer to the American Grammies. As you probably remember, last year the music video that won the coveted statue was “Gigantes” by Orgánica.

In addition to Supervielle, the other artists that have been nominated this year include Walter Bordoni, Reytoro, Socio and Trotsky Vengarán. I’ll post all their respective videos as the week runs it course.

The winner will be announced on the 29th of June.

For a full list of nominees, you can check this page. Cooltivarte is a Uruguayan portal devoted to local artists.

And you can learn more about Luciano’s music on his official website, www.lucianosupervielle.com.

“Normal” By La Medio Siglo (Video)

La Medio Siglo

La Medio Siglo’s first music video.
The song is “Normal”.
From their debut EP, “Altos Con Rulos” [Tall And Curly]
It’s a wry look on consumerism and transcendentalism.
It comes with audience participation at the end.
It’s on its way to dethroning Michel Telo’s “Ai Se Eu Te Pego” on the charts.
And you watched it here first.

ListnPlay – A Better Way To Watch Music Videos Online

Name: ListnPlay
URL: http://www.listnplay.com

As far as watching music videos online goes, YouTube is the port of call for many for many of us. But that’s mainly because there’s nothing better around. The amount of filtering one must do just to get to these clips he wants to watch and move past content which has got nothing to do with music is certainly infuriating. And VEVO (the one platform that was touted as the YouTube for the music industry) has been derided from day one, with users scoffing at this “Very Evil Video Organization”, visibly irked by the constant video ads that plague it.

Well, that’s exactly what ListnPlay intends to fix. A free-to-use service, it presents users with a simple search interface for music videos, and it also lets them create playlists that they can share with all of their friends. Those who think Debby Harry is the sexiest frontwoman in the history of music will be able to bring all these videos that have her commanding the stage, and create a playlist to support their point of view. They won’t manage to convince people like me (who wouldn’t change Emmylou Harris for anyone in the world), but they’ll be able to rest their case that little more easily. Continue reading

Justin Bieber’s “Baby” Is Mocked Yet Again… This Time It Is A Starcraft 2 Parody!

Yet Another Parody Of Justin Bieber’s “Baby” Hits The Web. This Time, Everything Is Centered On Starcraft 2!

Yet Another Parody Of Justin Bieber’s “Baby” Hits The Web. This Time, Everything Is Centered On Starcraft 2!

Justin Bieber’s “Baby” video stands as one of the truest definitions of online success for an artist, with 390 million views on YouTube and counting. To this day, it remains the most watched music video on the WWW.

It also stands as the perfect target for online mockery. This one in particular has been getting a lot of views recently. Titled “Banelings”, it pairs Bieber’s overplayed ditty with Starcraft 2!!!  How much you are enjoying this will obviously depend on how well-acquainted you are with the game. But top marks go to the ones who created it for how slickly it has been put together.

A New Song About Facebook Hits The Web

The Latest Single Issued By Bulgarian Star Gergana Is A Song Dealing With Romance (And Infatuation) On The Social Site Of The Hour.

The Latest Single Issued By Bulgarian Star Gergana Is A Song Dealing With Romance (And Infatuation) On The Social Site Of The Hour.

Do you remember Ismael YK’s “Cilgin” video (IE, the one I nominated as the most likely candidate for the Turkish rickroll)? It was featured on MusicKO way back in September.

Well, those of you who did like it back then (or who have taken a liking to it right now after clicking on the link above) are sure to appreciate this new one from Bulgarian start Gergana.

The song is simply called “Facebook”, and (much like Ismael YK’s clip) it tells a story of infatuation that takes place over the Social Web.

So, which one do you prefer? I know, I know. This is nowhere as interesting as something like the “XTC Vs. Adam Ant” debate that They Might Be Giants once postulated. I am the first to admit that it is hardly in the same league. But I am really curious to see which one you like best.

10 Best Viral Video Remixes on YouTube (Part 2)

This is the second part of the feature that I started yesterday. The first part included classics like “Charlie Bit Me” and “This Is Sparta!” being turned into songs. Now, get ready to enjoy other gems like the timeless “Leave Britney Alone!”  and “Bacon is Good For Me”.

6– Leave Britney Alone!

7– Bill O’Reilly Flips Out

8– Bacon Is Good For Me

9– Weezer  – Pork And Beans

10– Double Rainbow