An Interview With MiXTi FORi

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Who are the members of MiXTi FORi? And how long have you been playing together?

MiXTi FORi was started in the year 2000 by Marcos Da Silva (guitars, vocals) and its ranks have shifted a lot until arriving at its current lineup:, with Diego Nacimiento (drums and vocals) and Julio Montero (bass and backing vocals).
The band has released many EPs independently, it has been featured on several local and international compilations and it has also issued a LP titled “Incapaz de Amplificarse” in the year 2011, both online and as a physical CD.

How would you define your band’s style?

Well, it’s always hard to classify oneself. It’s clear that each and every person that has been in the band has somehow defined the path it followed, both lyrically and musically. To my mind, that’s something not many bands pay attention to nowadays.
To us, introspective texts are the ones from where to proceed. They pose challenges as interesting as the music that goes with them. Each song and ambience manifests itself differently, and we are put in a position in which we must tackle such a challenge until we arrive at the song we wanted to make.
That’s one of the most complex stages when we are creating our music. And it’s also one of the most enjoyable stages at that, along with the recording of the music itself when we have to make timely decisions so that each song shapes itself correctly.
And as far as our style goes, it suffices to say we have rehearsed on basements, garrets, warehouses, factories, gardens, recording studios… let’s just settle at “rock”.

Musical influences?

If we think of all the music one listens to and enjoys throughout his life, the list would actually be endless.
We could start by The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Cure, The Pixies, Sonic Youth and great solo artists such as Johnny Cash, Jimmy Hendrix, Bruce Spingsteen, Nick Cave, David Bowie, Morrissey, Leonard Cohen.
And more contemporary acts such as Nirvana, Pearl jam and the Foo Fighters should be mentioned too, as well as others such as Mars Volta, Queens of the Stone Age and Jack White who have made their share of experimentations along the way.
Nowadays, music can be found in brand new ways. And that’s positive, since you can experience it through independent labels, and alternative channels that spread what they do.
We all enjoy sharing songs between ourselves, whenever we find them. We might as well share an album that was edited just yesterday, and one that was issued forty years ago.

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What can you tell us about your name?

The name MiXTi FORi just came to us, and it refers to something whose nature can’t be clearly defined.
Maybe we have honered it through the years…

Next dates and/or events of note?

As of this date, we are working on many new songs, and recording them on our own studio, Retrotrak. That’s where all of our previous works were recorded, in fact..
We are also planning to make an audiovisual recording there, along with two bands that we are friends with. That would be called “Retrotrak Sesión 2” – we did something similar in 2011, but it was just us.
We’ll soon be announcing dates on Montevideo, and we hope to be back in Argentina before too long. And we would like to play Brazil by early 2014.

To know more about the band:

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And also, check out their Bandcamp’s profile – that’s where you can download all of their songs for free.