“Dame Eso”, the First Music Video by Kubricks

Kubricks Gezzio

What’s the worst thing that can happen when someone who was in a band you admired launches his solo career? Well, that his new work will take after his former oeuvre excessively. That’s a bit like having a loved one revived as a zombie that will chase you around mindlessly. And if Daryl Dixon isn’t around to shoot the fucker in the head with an arrow, things can get pretty heavy indeed…

Fortunately, that’s not the case here. Marcelo Gezzio (the erstwhile bass player for Sordromo, a key Uruguayan band at the turn of the century – see here and here) is now fronting a new outfit which is named “Kubricks”, and which is striking out more than excitingly.
The band has just issued its first promotional video (for the song “Dame Eso” [Gimme That]), and an album (tentatively called “Conexión”) should see the light of day before too long.

The band is Marcelo on bass and vocals, Fernando Fontes on drums and Alejandro Gorgoroso on guitar.

While there are clear nods to Sordromo, it’s good to see that Marcelo is trying to keep things distinct.
I seem to think that the overall sound is rawer, and the finale in particular is very rallying, with some solemn soloing that’s sure to rouse anyone within earshot.

But however much I like this video, I must say that the tone of the whole piece is considerably dark. Specially for a blog such as MusicKO – the directors of the Brill Building Society (IE, my kind sponsors) have already asked me to keep things family-friendly. Consequently, find attached a cute picture to even things out. And if you click on it, you’ll be able to visit Kubrics’ MySpace profile!
Take the hint.
Do it.
Or Daryl Dixon will shoot an arrow through your head.
By the way, rumor has it that Daryl’s dying on the next batch of chapters of The Walking Dead!!! WTF!!!!!????? If that happens, I’m tearing the Disneyworld tickets I’ve just bought to pieces. And buying a Guy Fawkes’ mask.