“Cuanto Más” by B01 (Video)

by Emilio Pérez Miguel on August 9, 2012

B01 are Pablo Beltrán (guitar/vocals), Andrés Rivero Brandolino (Bass), André Dalla Zuanna (Guitar) and Agustin Silveira (drums/backing vocals)

A new music video by a new Uruguayan band, “Cuanto Más” [How Long] is B01’s first single.

My story with the guys who make up this rock & roll band goes a long way back, to the time in which we used to swap Super Mario Bros. trading cards. Ah, you can’t beat these memories…

In a very clever marketing ploy, they’ve made a cute dog the star of the video. And in an even cleverer move, they’ve made the doggy look absolute destitute and forlorn. The adorable puppy looks for love everywhere, only to find it and lose it. Excuse while I put the pieces of my heart together again…

And since I already love B01 more than Noah loved Allie in “The Notebook”, I’m going to get personally involved in their cause, and tell them who should star in their next music video. There, this will do:

I’m eagerly looking forwards to the band’s next video.

Incidentally, has anybody got Buzzy Beatle’s trading card? I’ve looked for it ever since David Bowie announced his first retirement…

Answers on a postcard to the usual address, please. And if the postcard also happens to feature the Dutch Field Hockey Team, then I’d be elated.

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