“Loco Train” by Wakeup Starlight (Video)

A music video that I’ve grown instantly attached to, “Loco Train” is the latest single by Wakeup Starlight.

Wakeup Starlight
This band was started in 2010 by Caleb Cummings and Chris Noble, and they’re currently augmented by a bass player named Dave Janssen. You can read their bio on this website, but (basically) they’ve already put out a couple of EPs. Their sound was more rock-oriented in the beginning, but now a prominent folk element permeates their oeuvre, and they’re releasing the kind of songs that you play and record life moments to. They got in touch with me just the other day via e-mail, and I’m more than pleased to have discovered their music.

“Loco Train” is included on their newest EP, “The White Flags of Alderaan”. Check it out:

Well, well…
This is how “500 Days of Summer” should have ended, wouldn’t you say?
I assume you have watched “500 Days of Summer”, right? Right?
You know, the flick starring Robin and the delightful girl next door, Zooey Deschanel! Well, she was delightful until she decided to cover Richard Thompson’s “When I Get To The Border” for a movie that was a Flameout (yes, with a capital “F” – as in “Fustercluck”). Talk about the whole point of no return…

Another video of Wakeup Starlight, this is the song you should play to the one you long for after whispering in her ear, “swoon, I’ll catch you”:

You can visit Wakeup Starlight’s website here.

And more music is found on the Resounding Records download page, which is the company founded by Cummings and Noble to promote their work.