“Spinning” and “Ghost Train” by The Creeping Ivies, a New Scottish Duo

creeping ivies scotland

A Scottish duo that has just issued their first album, The Creeping Ivies is singer/guitarist Becca Bomb and drummer Duncan Destruction who have ganged together to do just what their stage names suggest: “play wild rock & roll!”.

I suppose they are aware this decimates their chances of opening for Taylor Swift in the upcoming Red Tour of Europe.

But they obviously take that for granted. That’s life for you and me – learning to cope with voluminous loses…

Oh, don’t get me started.
I know what I’m talking about.
I’ve had my share of misfortunes, I have.
For example, I never got to be Prom Queen. But I didn’t put my head into an oven because of that.
I did try to hang myself, though. But I didn’t find a tree that was short enough. Someday I’ll tell you the whole story…

Anyway, back to The Creeping Ivies.
Their debut album is titled “Stay Wild”. And after analyzing their music seriously, I find their sound noticeably involving. It’s raw, but it somehow manages to strike some very unexpected nerves. I suppose that’s down to the wistfulness that runs through most of the material, the subdued longing that defines the band’s best content. In places, the message made me recall a band like the Buzzcocks. Which is always a good thing. Check out “Mirror, Mirror” for a good example. The way in which past and future doubts melt together and create a vulnerability greater than the sum of its parts is admirable.

Two videos have already been shot and released to promote the album: one for “Ghost Train”, and another for “Spinning”.
Both clips have been filmed and directed by Ciaran Lyons.

Check them out:

If you want to know more, visit the band’s website here, and their Facebook fanpage here. Furthermore, copies or “Stay Wild” are already available on iTunes.