The World Of Social Networking In Songs (Part 2)

This post finishes the coverage of social media songs that was started yesterday. Just turn up the volume and enjoy. And share it with your friends, dammit – we are talking about social media! ; )

6– Badges Like Us (The Foursquare Rap)

A service that many of you have just become acquainted with by the introduction of Facebook Places, Foursquare is the king of location-based networks. As such, it has got its own rap.

7– Everybody Tweet

What can be said about Twitter? To many, it was destined to steal Facebook’s thunder. Well, it didn’t. But it did inspire this nice ditty.

8– Chatroulette Song

Did you think the service that gave birth to Merton the Improptu Piano Player among others was not to be the recipient of a song?  Well, you have another think coming. Jon Lajoie came up with the “official anthem” for the random chat site (which is relaunching today, by the way).

So, what where your feelings about these songs? Couldn’t agree more? Felt there were omissions? Well, leave a comment below and let us all know!

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