Merton The Improv Piano Player Is On Tour

A Typical Shot Of Merton, Wearing His Glasses And His Green Parka

A Typical Shot Of Merton, Wearing His Glasses And His Green Parka

In all likelihood, Merton is the best thing that ever came out of ChatRoulette. The impromptu piano player (whose real identity is still a mystery, but who certainty isn’t Ben Folds) is actually touring the US, and entertaining audiences with his mercurial improvisations.

Just yesterday he stopped by YouTube’s headquarters, and he played in front of an audience that quickly became larger and larger. Below you will find two small clips of a performance that run much longer. And if you want to see him doing his classic stuff, then head straight to his channel.

The World Of Social Networking In Songs (Part 2)

This post finishes the coverage of social media songs that was started yesterday. Just turn up the volume and enjoy. And share it with your friends, dammit – we are talking about social media! ; )

6– Badges Like Us (The Foursquare Rap)

A service that many of you have just become acquainted with by the introduction of Facebook Places, Foursquare is the king of location-based networks. As such, it has got its own rap.

7– Everybody Tweet

What can be said about Twitter? To many, it was destined to steal Facebook’s thunder. Well, it didn’t. But it did inspire this nice ditty.

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Month In Review – March 2010

One of the most read (and sought-after) posts of the whole blog was published in March. I am talking about Merton, the impromptu piano player from ChatRoulette. I also covered the impact the parka-clad pianist had, including Ben Folds impersonating him. And speaking of viral videos, don’t forget to check the hysterical “My Mom’s On Facebook”.

March saw two new additions to the main roll of artists: Jeff Buckley and The Style Council. And I finally got around reviewing The Dukes of Startosphear’s anthology “Chips From The Chocolate Fireball”. I likewise began reviewing original soundtrack albums, with “Once” becoming the first OST to be scrutinized on the blog.

The startups that I reviewed last month included Tubeoke, Spreaker, Feeder, MusicVault, Music Matters and Relisir.

On April I am determined to start covering unsigned Uruguayan artists once and for all – the category has already been added, and that is something I have always wanted to do.

The Best Of The Best Of ChatRoulette: Merton, The Impromptu Piano Player

As many of you probably know, one of the latest Internet crazes is a messaging service named ChatRoulette. Created by a 17-year old Russian, it is a webcam-based chat in which you are placed face to face with an utter stranger. You can chat with the person if you like his/her looks, or you can hit a button to skip that person and come across someone new.

The big (and nefarious) thrill of it all is that you might come across girls who will show you their charms just for the fun of it, and also boys who have no qualms jacking off onscreen. That is why this IM service is called “ChatRoulette” – as in Russian Roulette, the “dangerous” element is what makes it all so thrilling.

Fortunately, there are also people who do something funny and clever. And this pianist steals the show. Named Merton, he is an impromptu performer in the truest sense of the word. Just watch the video I have embedded for you below. And note that he has a YouTube channel – I hope he adds more videos soon.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this guy is the best excuse you can have for trying out ChatRoulette. Or is it? ; )