Finally, The Beatles Are On iTunes

 At Long Last, The Beatles Are On iTunes

At Long Last, The Beatles Are On iTunes

It took longer than it took the surviving members of The Who to record a comeback album (slight exaggeration), but on the 16th of November of this year The Beatles’ music has finally become available for purchase on the iTunes Store.

That date is anything but coincidental, of course. It was on such a date that the band’s first video clip was shown on American television. That was a good couple of months before they disembarked on American soil and hysteria broke loose.

If you visit the iTunes Store right now, you will see that the band has taken over the page completely.

This comes after years of discussions between Apple, EMI and Apple Corps (the outfit founded by The Beatles).

17 Beatles albums are already featured for you to buy. Each retails at $12.99, with double albums like The White Album costing you $19.99. And individual songs can be bought for $ 1.29 a piece.

And all 17 albums are already on the Top 100. It is anything but far-fetched to think all of them will soar way, way higher during Christmas.

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