Paul McCartney Shares His Music Library With Everybody For Free

Now Everybody Can Access Paul McCartney's Own Music Collection

Terrific news for Macca fans. The legendary musician has launched a music sharing site that lets his fans immerse themselves in his own personal collection. All of Paul’s music and media has been digitized (that’s five decades worth of data), and folks like you and me can listen to all the rare records he’s collected over the years, and both watch videos and view photos that only people close to Paul had access to until now. Check it out here.

The site details McCartney’s post-Beatles career in exhaustive detail. Minute information on all the concerts McCarney has ever played is provided, and you’ll also get to see all the albums any song of Paul has been included in. And links to buy them all are available, of course.

Need more? OK, what about the live studio feature that lets you remix Paul’s song? You can do that for free, and then (if you feel the results are particularly glorious) have them shared on the site for everybody else to remember that Paul is not dead.

And those of you who with the money to spend can buy a premium membership, and create playlists with your own songs. You can actually have them streamed on Macca’s own radio. Continue reading

MTV’s Digital Show To Be Named The OMAs

Get Ready For The OMAs

Get Ready For The OMAs

MTV has just announced the name for his upcoming digital music awards show.

The show will be called The O___Music Awards (OMAs), and it will begin airing on April 28.

As you already know, this show is focusing on digital music and social media. The exact categories and nominees are yet to be announced by MTV. Continue reading

Finally, The Beatles Are On iTunes

 At Long Last, The Beatles Are On iTunes

At Long Last, The Beatles Are On iTunes

It took longer than it took the surviving members of The Who to record a comeback album (slight exaggeration), but on the 16th of November of this year The Beatles’ music has finally become available for purchase on the iTunes Store.

That date is anything but coincidental, of course. It was on such a date that the band’s first video clip was shown on American television. That was a good couple of months before they disembarked on American soil and hysteria broke loose.

If you visit the iTunes Store right now, you will see that the band has taken over the page completely.

This comes after years of discussions between Apple, EMI and Apple Corps (the outfit founded by The Beatles). Continue reading

How Much Do Artists Who Market Their Music Online Really Earn? Read On…

We hear so much about Lady Gaga causing an online sensation that nobody would be blamed for believing the Internet has shifted everything in ways that clearly benefit musicians. However, this study (by David McCandless) puts it all into perspective – how much an artist earns by selling a physical CD, how much by marketing his music online… It is interesting to say the least, and I advice you to give it a good perusal. Continue reading