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Music that is based on other music has always been a hot issue. There is a thin, almost invisible line separating inspiration from imitation. I think it all originated in the literary world – there are titles like “Wide Sargasso Sea” in which the novelist (Jean Rhys) based her whole book on a character or incident from another author’s book – in this case, Charlotte Bronte’s “Jane Eyre”. On “Wide Sargasso Sea” Rhys did an amazing job, and explained what went into the creation of the “Madwoman in the attic” from her own vantage point.

When true, the motivations for employing somebody else’s work are not something that could meet with disapproval – an artist was enticed or touched by something another had done or said, and then he wanted to provide the public with his own reading. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as it is done respectfully and in good taste. But as I said, the line that separates what is acceptable from what is abusive will never be clear by definition.

A community site like this one, on the other hand, can make the waters become less muddy. It is nothing more and nothing less that a database of sampled music and cover versions, which is entirely kept and maintained by its members.

This database is searchable in a lot of ways – by artist, by year and by keying in the name of the track in a box which is provided.

Membership is completely free, too. If you feel there is a contribution you could effectively make, just head straight to www.whosampled.com and create your account.

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