Feeder – Share Your Music On Facebook


Name: Feeder
URL:  http://www.feeder.fm

I have already covered some services that let you share your music on Twitter, and now I feel it is only fair to have a look at the other side and see what can be done on Facebook, the mammoth of a social network that has had such an impact that a movie is going to be made about it. Starring Jesse Eisenberg (the guy from Zombieland) as Mark Zuckerberg and Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker (the one who co-founded Napster) it is either going to be highly enlightening or an absolute mishmash, but one thing is for certain: everybody is going to watch it.

So, as a way to highlight some music-sharing capabilities of the network I have chosen to cover some apps and tool. This is the first I will introduce you to. Named Feedr, it will let you take a song and have it automatically posted on your Facebook profile. This will be certainly interesting for those who want to promote their own work.

Something very interesting that is yet to be implemented: support for Twitter. I am uncertain if this will work in a dual way (IE, if posting to Facebook means that you are automatically posting to Twitter at the same time), but if that turns out to be the case then this will be very useful, and it could make the app pack quite a punch. I have already contacted the programmer for more information on how that is going to work, and I will update this review when I hear back from him.