Feeder – Share Your Music On Facebook


Name: Feeder
URL:  http://www.feeder.fm

I have already covered some services that let you share your music on Twitter, and now I feel it is only fair to have a look at the other side and see what can be done on Facebook, the mammoth of a social network that has had such an impact that a movie is going to be made about it. Starring Jesse Eisenberg (the guy from Zombieland) as Mark Zuckerberg and Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker (the one who co-founded Napster) it is either going to be highly enlightening or an absolute mishmash, but one thing is for certain: everybody is going to watch it.

So, as a way to highlight some music-sharing capabilities of the network I have chosen to cover some apps and tool. This is the first I will introduce you to. Named Feedr, it will let you take a song and have it automatically posted on your Facebook profile. This will be certainly interesting for those who want to promote their own work. Continue reading