Flashbck – Reliving Gigs & Festivals

FlashbckName: Flashbck
URL: http://www.flashbck.com

Flashbck is a new service that lets people relive all the gigs and festivals they have attended. On the site, people can upload all their videos and pictures in order to let others see the shows that they have been to right through their eyes

Images are used to create something comparable to a slideshow that can be shared with all your friends. If they wanted to attend the gig and they couldn’t make it, they will be getting the story straight from you. And if they did manage to attend it, then they will be able to add their own insights and images to what you have uploaded. And being able to tag friends just adds to the sheer fun of it all.

Plus, the ability to start following both your favorite bands and venues will give you the chance to learn about upcoming shows the minute they are announced.

Lastly, a cool feature is that all the media you upload here will also be shareable through Facebook and Twitter. So, there’s no need for your friends to be registered Flashbck users in order to stay in the loop. You can share everything with them in a snap, and make them part of the conversation.

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