PlaylistHQ – Create Playlists For Upcoming Concerts

Name: PlaylistHQ

PlaylistHQ is a simple but slick web tool that lets you create playlists for any concert that’s coming up soon, and that you plan to attend. You can create them, and then you can have them shared with all the music nuts that you’ve befriended on Facebook. What better way to convince them that missing any upcoming concert would be a mistake they’ll live to regret forever and ever? What better way to ensure you won’t have to attend a concert on your own, and be unable to go to the bathroom because someone will take your place?

PlaylistHQ uses the Spotify API to get all its data, and once they’ve been created playlists can be searched both by location and by Songkick username.

When having concerts displayed by location, the site lets you view a calendar with all the concerts that will be held right where you live. Or where you would love to live. If you have got an incurable fixation with London, you can see all the shows to be played there as the month runs its course. And then go cry in the corner for having been born on the bayou.

If there’s something to be said about the site, is that it’s decidedly minimalist.
But not that such a thing is a bad thing, of course. Just look at Andy Summers. See how far he got? The guy’s the embodiment of success! Revered by guitarist young and old! A paragon of musical expressivity! (Checks the “Synchronicity” album)... shit, he was the one who wrote and sang “Mother”. Dammit. Next time, I’ll be more careful with the examples I choose…

GuitarTV – A Site For Guitar Players Created By Steve Vai


Name: GuitarTV

Can you imagine how cool would it be if people like Richard Thompson or Carlos Santana built sites featuring hand-picked content for guitar players? That would be comparable to someone like Stephen King building a site showing budding writers the way things really click.

Well, the day such sites come to be might not be that distant. Guitar maestro Steve Vai has just released one such website, and it can be reached at It is a site 100 % dedicated to the streaming of guitar-related content. Those who visit it will get to watch music videos, live shows and lessons dealing with all things guitar. Information such as which axe any performer is playing can be accessed at a click, and tablatures are provided via

And in all cases, users are provided with the links for buying what they are watching at stores such as Amazon. Plus, tickets for shows can be purchased in an equally-easy way.

So who do you think is following on Vai’s footsteps now? And which instrument is next? Bass? Drums? Place your bets in the comments below…

MTV’s Digital Show To Be Named The OMAs

Get Ready For The OMAs

Get Ready For The OMAs

MTV has just announced the name for his upcoming digital music awards show.

The show will be called The O___Music Awards (OMAs), and it will begin airing on April 28.

As you already know, this show is focusing on digital music and social media. The exact categories and nominees are yet to be announced by MTV. Continue reading

Bandhack – Local Bands On Facebook


Name: Bandhack

Bandhack is a directory of local bands and shows on Facebook. Through this site, you will be able to know all about these bands that are coming together right where you live, and about the activity of the ones that are already well-established. You’ll get to know about their upcoming gigs, and you’ll also get your hands on their latest media (including videos and audio recordings)

To me, what gives Bandhack its edge is that the content is pulled directly from the pages of the bands in question. This means that the content is always up-to-date – if there’s any kind of change in schedules, for example, that will be reflected immediately on Bandhack.

And using the site is a piece of cake. You just log in with your Facebook account, and all the relevant local activity becomes accessible in a snap.

Therion Is Coming To Uruguay

Therion Is Coming To Uruguay For The Very First Time This Year

Therion Is Coming To Uruguay For The Very First Time This Year

2010 will most likely go down as one of the most remarkable years ever for Uruguayan metalheads. International acts like Epica and Dark Tranquility visited the country and gave us everything they had. And now, another first-class artist is coming to town: Therion.

The Swedish band founded in 1987 by Christofer Johnsson is making their Uruguayan debut on the first week of October. Everybody is expectant to see them deploy their late-day operatic metal offerings along with songs representing their earliest phases.

Just to whet your appetite, these are two of their most popular songs.

Flashbck – Reliving Gigs & Festivals

FlashbckName: Flashbck

Flashbck is a new service that lets people relive all the gigs and festivals they have attended. On the site, people can upload all their videos and pictures in order to let others see the shows that they have been to right through their eyes

Images are used to create something comparable to a slideshow that can be shared with all your friends. If they wanted to attend the gig and they couldn’t make it, they will be getting the story straight from you. And if they did manage to attend it, then they will be able to add their own insights and images to what you have uploaded. And being able to tag friends just adds to the sheer fun of it all.

Plus, the ability to start following both your favorite bands and venues will give you the chance to learn about upcoming shows the minute they are announced. Continue reading