PureSolo.com – Play, Record & Share Your Favorite Tunes


Name: PureSolo
URL: http://www.puresolo.com

This site made me think of the day Elvis was discovered. As you probably know, he had gone to some recording studio to put down a song for her mother’s birthday, and the producer immediately singled him out during the recording. The thing is, if a system like Pure Solo had existed back then Elvis Presley might never had been. Shiver me timbers!

You see, what PureSolo enables anybody to do is to play and record a song online, and then put it about by sharing the resulting file over the WWW (including Facebook and its networking compadres).

Besides, competitions are held on the site regularly. If you think you have what it takes for becoming the next Susan Boyle, here you will have a chance to leave your mark.

On the whole, Pure Solo renders a very dynamic service. There are endless sites that let you listen to music, but this is the first time I recall coming across a site where the emphasis is placed on letting you fine-tune your existing skills in such a social environment. It is definitely worth a look.