Swift.fm Relaunches As A Platform For Sharing Music In A More Global Way

The name of Swift.fm might as well be familiar to those of you who are active on the Twitterverse. The site launched about one year and a half ago, and it basically stood as a Twitter-powered platform for the sharing of songs. Then again, you might not. It didn’t pick that much traction, despite some famous musicians (most notably rappers) singing it praises. Well, Swift.fm is back with a vengeance – the whole platform has been revamped in order to let people share music on practically all the main social networking sites available today.



This is how it works. People who join Swift.fm (it costs nothing) can link their MySpace, Twitter, Facebook and Last.fm accounts together, and share their own music (and the music that they have discovered online) with everybody and his wife. That is, provided everybody and/or his wife can access the Internet in one way or the other. But I think we can count on that in this day and age, right?

And the discovery quotient of the whole platform is pretty high, since users can follow their friends and see what music they have been sharing/uploading more recently.

Swift.fm’s number one competitor is obviously SoundCloud. The creators of Swift.fm claim that the big difference is that they are focusing on letting musicians and fans connect more quickly, and on making for a faster distribution of music.

With the irretrievable demise of MySpace, the competition for this share of the market is going to heat up beyond belief. Personally, I think Swift.fm will stand a better chance of succeeding when a “Buy” button is added – right now, music can only be streamed. But that is obviously on the agenda… let’s see what other improvements are in order.