Swift.fm Relaunches As A Platform For Sharing Music In A More Global Way

The name of Swift.fm might as well be familiar to those of you who are active on the Twitterverse. The site launched about one year and a half ago, and it basically stood as a Twitter-powered platform for the sharing of songs. Then again, you might not. It didn’t pick that much traction, despite some famous musicians (most notably rappers) singing it praises. Well, Swift.fm is back with a vengeance – the whole platform has been revamped in order to let people share music on practically all the main social networking sites available today.



This is how it works. People who join Swift.fm (it costs nothing) can link their MySpace, Twitter, Facebook and Last.fm accounts together, and share their own music (and the music that they have discovered online) with everybody and his wife. That is, provided everybody and/or his wife can access the Internet in one way or the other. But I think we can count on that in this day and age, right?

And the discovery quotient of the whole platform is pretty high, since users can follow their friends and see what music they have been sharing/uploading more recently. Continue reading

Bassicly – Listen To Dance/Bass Music From All Over The Web In The Same Place


Name: Bassicly
URL: http://www.bassicly.com

People who get their thrills from dance and bass-oriented music should definitely make a point of checking this site. Bassicly aggregates dubstep, grime and drumstep tracks found on sites like YouTube, and lets people listen to them using a handy interface.

All you have to do is launch a search and start singling out these songs that are up your street. And integration with Last.fm’s Scobbler service makes for creating a playlist in an even more resonant way.

Of course, you can also listen to these tracks that people have been “loving” (IE, favoriting) the most and pick the best sounds like that.

And Bassicly is a site that can be used without having to pay a penny, too. If your enthusiasm for any of the genres mentioned above can’t be rivaled, a visit to Bassicly will just make it stand stronger than ever.

The Top Artists Of 2010 On Last.fm

Below You Will Find The Most Popular Songs On Lastfm During 2010

Below You Will Find The Most Popular Songs On Last.fm During 2010

Yes, folks, it is that time of year in which “Best Of” lists start populating the Web. I came across these two today, and I felt like sharing them with you.

They highlight the artists Last.fm users have listened to more intently during 2010. The one on top is devoted to the US, and the other showcases the likes of people the world over. Both have Ke$ha reigning supreme, but that is hardly surprising considering how viral TiK ToK was.

Agree? Disagree? Feel like emulating Pete Townshend and bashing someone with your guitar over the head? Well, why don’t you leave a comment below instead and get things out of your system?

Last Fm Top

Guitaryst – Play Your Guitar With The Help Of Automatic Tabs


Name: Guitaryst
URL: http://www.guitaryst.com

Get ready for automated and intelligent tablatures, because that is what this shiny new website has to offer. Guitaryst allows anybody to play his guitar while the relevant tablature is automagically scrolled down the screen of his computer or tablet. This means that the performer (IE, you) won’t have to leave his guitar unattended in order to flip a page any longer.

Guitaryst works along with last.fm, like.fm and libre.fm. You are given the chance to choose the one service you want for the song to be streamed. As soon as the music begins, the tab will be displayed and automatically scrolled down to the timing of the song. Continue reading

Lystener – A New Way To Share & Discover Lyrics

Name: Lystener
URL: http://www.lystener.com

OK, I am the first to admit that this site is not the greatest thing ever since Swiss Cheese came along, but I quite like it. That is probably because I am a lyricist and I can’t divorce a song’s music from its words, but even casual users could get something good out of it.

If we look at its roots, what the site lets you do is to input your Last.fm username in order for the lyrics to the song that you are listening at that time to be displayed. When that happens, you will be able not only to read them but also to share them with your friends.

That is not as superfluous as some of you might be thinking. For starters, non-native speakers of English (like me) often have trouble catching a word or two, even after years of listening to English music. That is something obvious – it is not the same listening to Liam Gallagher than listening to John Denver. Sometimes we frankly can’t get the words right. That is one use this site will certainly have. Continue reading

Tastebuds – Find A Perfect Match Based On Your Favorite Music


Name: Tastebuds
URL: http://www.tastebuds.fm

As much as I try not to babble all the time about music when I first meet someone, I always end up doing so if the other person shows a certain degree of interest in any of the bands I like. The thing is, not a lot of people where I live know who the heck The Who or XTC are, so I mostly end up taking about the value that music has in people’s lives, blah, blah. As a matter of fact, I have a small group of CDs in my collection that I like to call “social” albums – these are albums by artists I don’t really like but that everybody else adores like U2, The Ramones and Bon Jovi. Whenever I host a party, these are the albums I bring to the room where the Hi-fi will be located. Playing “That Wave”, “Rook” and “Omnibus” is not something that lets anybody find common ground here in Uruguay.

I wanted to tell you that because the site I am reviewing today is centered on forming relationships between people based on the music that they like. It is not exactly a dating site, but it matches you with another single who shares your very same musical tastes. You will take it from there, in the direction you want to take it.

The matching process itself works in two different ways. The first is faster, but it necessitates you having a Last.fm account since Tastebuds checks it and sees exactly what kind of music you like. A series of matches is then produced. Continue reading

RockMy Events – Putting Gigs & Events On The Map


Name: RockMy Events

URL: http://www.rockmyevents.com

Traditionally, it was always possible to miss on this or the other artist when he or she came to town, even if you were a big fan of music in general. And I am talking about “established” artists. Now, if we were to move into Indie music it was always even harder to know what was going on unless you had some kind of direct connection with the band, or were in their (very) close geographical vicinity.

That is a thing of the past. Now things are far, far removed from that context. I dare say we have gone from one extreme to the other, as services like Twitter ensure that we have access to so much information that picking out which gig to attend can take longer than it took Pete Townshend to present “Lifehouse” to the world as he had originally intended it. Continue reading