Henry Bueno (myMusicCircle) – Interview (Part 1)

I have had the pleasure of interviewing Henry Bueno from the social marketplace for musicians named myMusicCircle that I reviewed last week. He provided some very elaborate answers, and I am very thankful for the time he devoted to this interview.

The interview will be split in two parts. This is part 1, and part 2 (“Music & You”) is right here.

Full Name: Henry M. Bueno

Age: 32

Startup: MyMusicCircle.com

Position: CEO / CIO



Tell us a little about your startup. How was it conceived? What are its most distinctive features in your opinion?

myMusicCircle.com is a Service Marketplace for the Music Industry Professional; whereas music industry professionals register/create their profile and they are empowered with useful online portfolio and interactive tools, a professional image, leads and additional sources of revenue.

Currently, we are inviting all Music Industry Professionals and any creative, support, financial or managerial professionals that provide valuable services to the Music Industry to register/create their profile, upload their portfolio and set their work terms. Continue reading

Marco (Filtersage) – Interview (Part 1)

I have the pleasure to share with you the insight of Marco from Filtersage, the startup I reviewed recently. As you probably remember, Filtersage is a system that lets you explore the connections between movies and music releases from all through history.

This is part 1 of the interview, about the startup itself.

And click here for Part 2 (“Music & You”).



Tell us a little about your startup. How was it conceived? What are its most distinctive features in your opinion?

The basic idea comes from a very simple observation. When we listen to a new album or watch a movie, we usually connect it to something that we have listened to or watched before. A new album reminds us of an old favorite because of the tune or the sound; or we connect a dvd to something we watched last year because of the story, a particular scene or even the atmosphere. This is what Filtersage is about: connecting new stuff to something we have loved in the past. And it is also about exploring the connections that other users are making, so it’s possible to discover more stuff that might interest us. Filtersage is about memory and knowledge, and this is why we think that the connections you can find here are very strong and highly interesting: because these connections are memory based and knowledge based. We like to say that this happens because there is no is algorithm working, Filtersage is totally ‘human based’. Continue reading

Country Music – General Introduction

I listen to country music very enthusiastically. I never thought about the reason why until I sat down to write this general introduction announcing the category’s addition to MusicKO.

Many scholars explain that the very genesis of rock and roll can be traced back to two main musical movements. The blues are obviously one of them. The other is country music. That is, music that came from sectors that were discriminated either for racial considerations or owing to cultural aspects. Black music and white music. It dawns on me that every person who is attracted to rock music is going to delve upon them sooner or later. Continue reading