Month In Review – November 2011

Morrissey used to sing that one November spawned a monster, but as far as I’m concerned this November has been pretty terrific. Two major international artists landed on Uruguay for the first time right there and then: Beady Eye and Sonic Youth. Beady Eye headlined the first night of the brand-new festival “Primavera 0”, whereas Sonic Youth were the main attraction on on the following datel. I was fortunate to be there. This is what I had to say about Beady Eye’s show, and this is how I felt about Sonic Youth’s set.

Uruguayan artists featured over the course of the month included Vincent Vega and The Bear Season. I reviewed Vincent Vega’s eponymous debut and their newest single, whereas I featured The Bear Season’s latest video (“This Is Not A Test”).

For its part, the sites for musicians and music lovers that were reviewed on MusicKO on November were PlaylistHQ, Veenue, Myxer and PumpYouUp. And I also got the chance to talk to Veenue’s Dario Zampetti, and ask him all these things you’ve always wanted to ask him yourself, but never did.

Beady Eye In Uruguay

As you know, the one band that made me become interested in music was Oasis. So, when I learned that Beady Eye (Liam Gallagher’s new outfit) was to headline the first day of the festival “Primavera 0” I didn’t have to think it long before buying the best ticket I could.

The way things turned out, I managed to make it to the very first row. Words fail me to describe how I felt when I saw Liam take the stage.

Beady Eye Rocking The First Night Of The "Primavera 0" Festival

Just imagine what it’s like to stand this proximate to one of the most emblematic members of the band responsible of making a music lover out of you.

Liam Gallagher Playing Uruguay For The First Time

And I must also praise the opening act, Astroboy. That’s a band I really disliked back in the day, and I actively criticized it. Yet, time has let me see their transcendence within the Uruguayan scene. Their music sounded nothing short of celebratory that night. They played with real precision and determination, with an honesty and integrity that could prove the biggest nay-sayer wrong.


And you know what? Next Tuesday, the headliner is no-one else but Sonic Youth. They’re not a band that I’m crazy about, but the chance to catch up with such a legendary performer is not to be missed. Even if the show is only half as exciting as this one, it’ll be worth every cent.