Biafran Lion to Release his New Album, “The Return of the Lion”

biafran lion 1

Born in Las Vegas, Biafran Lion is a reggae/hip-hop musician who currently resides in Uruguay. His history with the music of our country goes a long way back, actually, as he first visited Uruguay in the early 90s, and he lent his musicianship to bands such as La Abuela Coca and Kongo Bongo.

He has released more than half a dozen albums, and his next record is coming in November. It’s titled “The Return of The Lion”, and it’s an album that’s meant to enliven the summer up, while also carrying the social commentary that characterizes his best music.

biafran lion 2
You can listen to Biafran Lion’s music on his Soundcloud profile, and these two are the cuts I keep coming back to: