Lady Gaga Becomes The First Artist Ever To Have 1 Billion Online Video Views

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

It was just to be expected. This week, Lady Gaga has become the first artist to have over 1 billion online video views. This feat was achieved on the strength of three videos alone. Quite obviously, they are “Poker Face”, “Just Dance” and “Bad Romance”. Here you have them just in case you need to do some brushing up:

Poker Face

Bad Romance

Just Dance

Love her or hate her, you can’t deny how intelligent she has been when it comes to using social media and viral videos for putting herself across.

Personally, I am not really a big fan of her music. But I recently saw her perform a duet with Elton John and I sort of softened up. Just a little.

And for those who absolutely abhor the woman, this video is a must. It is a Lady Gaga impersonator on ChatRouelette. It is hysterical and abominable at the same time. Enjoy!

Completely Hooked (Dr. Hook) – Compilation Album

"Completely Hooked" Is One Of The Many Dr. Hook Compilations Available

"Completely Hooked" Is One Of The Many Dr. Hook Compilations Available

Originally known as “Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show”, this band had a truly eclectic career. Their output can be divided in three main groups: 1) Comedy numbers, 2) Disco songs and 3) Ballads. All of these genres are impinged with a country sensibility, and this is one of their many compilations. It was released in 1992, and the 20 songs on offer map out these three genres more than adequately, stopping in each one for long enough without ever going too far.

The comedy numbers are mostly penned by Shel Silverstein, and they are absolutely hysterical. Located mainly at the beginning of the disc, they include “The Millionaire”, “Everybody’s Making It Big But Me” and the popular “Cover Of The Rolling Stone”. What many people don’t realize is that in addition to composing these comedy numbers Silverstein did also come up with many of the band’s ballads, such as the excellent “More Like The Movies” and “A Couple More Years”.

The disco songs included on this compilation are “Walk Right In”, “You Make My Pants Wanna Get Up And Dance” and “Sexy Eyes”. They are entertaining and to-the-point, but I would say that both the ballads and the comedy songs are more endurable. Continue reading