DAOmusic.fm – Create & Share Playlists For Every Mood You’re In


Name: DAOmusic
URL: http://www.daomusic.fm

The potential a song has for catharsis only goes so far. It all becomes limp after a while. That is, “It’s All Over Now Baby Blue” can’t be your break-up song for ever. Notwithstanding how excellent any song is, if you listen to it for ages it just stops gelling.

I’m sure you agree with that. And I’m also sure you wonder just where to go in order to find fresh songs to fill the air with. Well, this new site might just provide you with all you need to reach the height of ecstasy, or hit the deepest recesses of pathos.

DAOmusic is a website where you can create playlists reflecting your every mood, and share them with friends and strangers alike.

These are some examples of playlists currently found on the site: “I’m under my guilt”, “I’m walking in the garden leisurely”, “Super Mario Bros Forever!”… Songs for just every occasion can be found here.

This site is usable for free, and if you have a Google, Facebook or Twitter account then you already have a DAOmusic account.

Oh, and if you see a playlist named “The 10 Who songs that make me play air drums maniacally every time” then you needn’t ask who has created it…