RostbiF Releases A New EP – Listen To It Online For Free!

RostbiF (Mauricio Rode, Guido Quintela, Lukas Künzler and Pablo Gonzalez) with Andrés Gorlo.

My good friends from RostbiF have just issued a new EP. It is named “La Última Palabra” [The Last Word], and you can listen to its five songs for free here. You can also download the songs to your computer, bring them to any party you go and impress everybody with your knowledge of Uruguayan music. I don’t know if that will make you a big hit with the women at the party (let’s face, it probably won’t), but at least you will be singled out as the one with exotic tastes. That is always a good start…

This is the tracklist:

1- Derrumbe
2- Camino
3- Alice In Cocaineland
4- Paloma
5- Uniformes

This time around I wrote the lyrics to the song “Uniformes” [Uniforms] – I based it on a draft guitarist/vocalist Lukas Kunzer sent me. I have wanted to pen a song with that name ever since I listened to Ken Stringfellow’s song by the same name. And the Birdman has got a (terrific) song that is named like that, too. It is featured on the album “All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes”. Continue reading