Freddy Mercury Gets One Of The Most Remarkable Google Doodles Ever

Freddy Mercury Would Have Become 65 Years Old This September

The candidate for the most impressive Doodle of the year became available earlier today as the Google homepage paid homage to Freddie Mercury on what would have been his 65th birthday.

Set to the music of “Don’t Stop Me Now”, the Doodle (embedded in its entirety below) references some of Mercury’s most emblematic moments. These include him dressing in drag for the “I Want To Break Free” music video, and there are subtle nods to “A Kind Of Magic” and “Innuendo”, the last Queen album to be published in Mercury’s life.

He died on the 24 of November, 1991, less than 24 hours after issuing a statement in which he confirmed the barraging rumors that he was HIV positive.

The Les Paul Google Doodle Will Live Forever On Its Own Page

The Les Paul Google Doodle

Google’s Doodles were implemented by the search giant as a direct response to the random backgrounds that one gets when using Bing. Doodles conmemorate the birth of famous people, the date in which discoveries and inventions were made, and the date in which remarkable products were issued. And just last week, one of the most interesting Doodles ever was featured on Google’s homepage.

I’m obviously talking about the Les Paul Doodle. It celebrated the 96th anniversary of the birth of Les Paul, unarguably one of the biggest names in guitar history.

This Doodle proved so popular during its original run that it was left online for two full days (Doodles are only left there for 24 hours at most). And the immense popularity of the Les Paul Doodle was confirmed when Google announced the musical logo would live forever on a page of its very own.

So, the Les Paul Doodle will remain accessible for perpetuity here. You will be able to create songs and have them recorded and shared with all of your chums. Just check the video featured below in case you have not seen what this latest Doodle is capable of.