Fans Forever And Ever – Build A Creepy Fanpage For The Band You Love

Name: Fans Forever And Ever

Fans Forever And Ever is a new service that was created on the recent Music Hack Day in New York. What it does is to let you generate a fanpage for any band you could think of. “Big deal”, I hear you say. “I can get myself a blog and do that any old day”.

Well, the thing with Fans Forever And Ever is that it can come up with fanpages resembling those that Geocities let people create back in the day. These look completely out of place today (Yahoo pulled the plug on Geocities last year), and such pages have a truly obsessive feel to them.

They feature archaic designs, and they are generated just by supplying the name of the band in question, and they include lyrics, pictures, poems and the kind of content only those that go through their idols’ garbage would include on a fanpage.

Don’t believe it? Well, just to settle the discussion of how creepy a page created through this service can be, I’ll tell you what happened when I tried it.

I used this service to create three independent Who fanpages.

And in all three cases, the lyric that was automatically highlighted was no other than “Uncle Ernie”.

Believe me, folks… a Who fanpage can’t get any gloomier.

the who fanpage uncle ernie