Your Last Music – In My Time Of Dying

Name: Your Last Music

Not a single one among us would readily admit it, but those who love music like we do know perfectly well the music we want played when it is our time to go. If we said so aloud shock and acrimony would spread like a wildfire among our loved ones. In a certain (and solid sense) they are absolutely right. There is so much joy in life that just to think about something like that seems a betrayal. But what they fail to understand is that – to people to whom music means so much – a final song is the deepest show of affection. There is nothing morbid about it. Quite the opposite.

This new site made me think about that. Its name is illustrative enough: it lets you decide which songs will be played at your funeral. This is accomplished by creating an account and building up the list of songs you want played. The list will then be mailed to friends and relatives. Alternatively, those of you who are on Facebook (IE, 90 % of people I know) will be able to log in using Facebook Connect and avoid creating an account, which (although hassle-free) might be a bit tedious. Continue reading