Adam Cameron (iMusicTweet) – Interview (Part 1)

I have had the pleasure of interviewing Adam Cameron from iMusicTweet, the service for sharing music socially that I recently reviewed.
This is the first part of the interview, the second section is accessible here. Enjoy!


Full Name: Adam Cameron

Age: 17

Startup: iMusicTweet

Position: CEO



Tell us a little about your startup. How was it conceived? What are its most distinctive features in your opinion?

In late 2008, I thought how great it would be if we could share music on twitter. Facebook streaming came about because a lot of artists and my regular Facebook friends were praying to find a way to stream music on Facebook. Being a graphic designer, I sat down for a month or so drafting up everything. I created every page, hardly sleeping, constant headaches. Then I connected with my programmer and we produced, the final product.

What was the original launch date?

The original launch date was early 2009 but I thought it could be better, so I went back to the drawing boards, took advice, incorporated my own ideas and re-launched in 2010.

What has been the response so far? In which countries has it been more successful?

Ever since we re-launched in 2010 the responses have been great. Many websites offered to review us, a few major artists in the U.S have used it and continue to use it. I attempted to submit it to Chris Pirillo and he responded with “Ah…”. I didn’t know if I should take it as negative or positive but I will keep that email forever. It’s being most successful in the U.S as of now, since we are based here but I have seen iMusicTweet be reviewed by websites in a few more countries.

What features can we expect to see implemented in future revisions?

I am a person that loves to think far beyond the “norm” or beyond “realistic” ideas. So, with that said, anything could happen. I would love to connect with Universal Music Group, thats a dream of mine. Connect with China because they have the largest internet market. I would like to offer artists a way to sell their music as well as streaming and thats all for now, I have a lot of thoughts, too many to list.  Continue reading

iMusicTweet – Sharing Your Songs Through Twitter & Facebook Simultaneously


Name: iMusicTweet

I think we all will agree that sharing music using services like Facebook and Twitter is the most natural step in the evolution of the Social Web. After all, what good is connecting with everybody and telling them about what you do if you can’t show it to them at the same time?

The startup I am reviewing right now enables you do exactly that: spread both individual songs and full albums around, and the best thing might as well be that Twitter and Facebook alike are supported. The way it works is by letting you upload the song or playlist and having it played in your Twitter’s profile page, or streamed from your Facebook wall.

Best of all, you can make your songs both downloadable and embeddable. If you are looking for maximum exposure that is always useful, although I can’t help but wonder (and worry) a little about the copyright of what you are sharing when it is your own work what you are putting about. Continue reading