“A Donde Van Los Pájaros” by Luciano Supervielle (Video)

Luciano Supervielle

This week I’m sharing with you all the music videos that have been nominated for a Graffiti award. There’s five of them, coming from artists spanning very different genres.

The one I’m sharing first is among my personal favorites, although there’s no denying all the clips that have been nominated are strong contenders for the big prize.

So, this is the video for Luciano Supervielle’s “A Donde Van Los Pájaros” [Where do birds go]. The song is featured on his 2011 album, “Rêverie”, and it tells a coming-of-age story interwoven with just the right threads of yearning and abjection to make the end result entirely relatable.

The “Premios Graffiti” [Graffiti Awards] are Uruguay’s answer to the American Grammies. As you probably remember, last year the music video that won the coveted statue was “Gigantes” by Orgánica.

In addition to Supervielle, the other artists that have been nominated this year include Walter Bordoni, Reytoro, Socio and Trotsky Vengarán. I’ll post all their respective videos as the week runs it course.

The winner will be announced on the 29th of June.

For a full list of nominees, you can check this page. Cooltivarte is a Uruguayan portal devoted to local artists.

And you can learn more about Luciano’s music on his official website, www.lucianosupervielle.com.