“Ten” Was Published Yesterday

ten emilio perez miguel

"Ten" Is The Prequel To "Once". Both Books Have Been Published By Rumbo Editorial.

Yesterday I published my second book of lyric poetry. The launch event was a very touching moment, with lots of old and new friend in attendance along with my family and people that I did not know until yesterday, and who attended the event on strength of the announcements that were made on local radio.

The book is named “Ten”, and it is the prequel to “Once”, the one I published last year. The books (which have been published by Rumbo Editorial) are interconnected in many senses. For example, the pictures you can see on “Ten” are the ones that illustrate “Once”, and vice versa.

ten once emilio perez miguel

"Ten" & "Once" Side To Side.

My good friends Marcelo Otamendi, Dinorah Santomauro, Erika Mayssa Bassi and Mario Paz played a selection of lyrics from “Once”, along with their very own compositions.

I thank everybody for being there in such an important day. Now, the day after the event, the one phrase that defines how I feel is the one sung by Ben Lee on his song “Love Me Like The World Is Ending”:

It is the first day of the future…

Thanks, everybody.