A Conversation with singer Tarja Turunen, formerly of Nightwish

Tarja Turunen uruguay

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After rising to prominence as the voice of Finnish metal luminaries Nightwish, singer Tarja Turunen embarked on a remarkable solo career in which South America (more precisely Argentina) became all of a second home to her. The singer has already played in Uruguay before, and she’s visiting our country one more time, bringing the “Colours In The Dark” tour to Montevideo Music Box on the 13th of November.

This is the exchange I was privileged to maintain with her as regards the inspiration behind her latest works, and what to expect from her forthcoming show in our country.

As it was only logical, when you started your solo career you placed a strong emphasis on your voice as a soloist, orchestras and choirs. And at the same time, you had to learn how to write songs for a project that basically rested on you. That was a long time ago. Nowadays, after a life devoted to being a professional musician and several albums under your own name, would you say you’re freer than ever to do what you want? Or does all that experience somehow limits the choices you can make when crafting new music?
I have a beautiful freedom to express myself with my art today. It is so wonderful that I would not change it for anything. The learning process never ends when it comes to music, but it is amazing that it doesn’t. I have always been a person willing to progress, so having a solo career is a truly a dream come true to me.

As regards your latest album, which aspects of its composition and overall recording have left you satisfied the most?

I finally found my sound with this album. This is exactly what I was searching for with my previous albums, but now all the bits and pieces are in their correct place and the production process was easy. I love producing my albums, especially now that I have founded my confidence and seen that things are working as I wish. The team I am working with is great and we share the respect and will to make the best out of the work. I think I needed to get the confidence after all these years in order to be able to feel happy with my art. I have been extremely happy to find good people around me.

And how are these aspects translated (and furthered) into your current live show, “Colours On The Road”?

There is a lot of colour in my current shows, like on my “Colours In The dark” album. Actually there is a lot of colour in my life nowadays, and that all is reflected in my art and everything that I do. The musicians I am working with are my friends and we are having just a great time together in the shows. Again, the experience I have after 20 years of career in rock is shown in the shows as confidence and as fun, because I am enjoying the shows more than ever before. Continue reading