The Official “Quit Facebook Day” Gave Birth To A Music Parody By Rapper SeanieMic

Facebook privacy this, Facebook privacy that… it looks like the whole world can’t find anything else to talk about. And while the topic at hand is a legit cause of concern, it seems not enough people are worried enough to change their ways and turn their backs on the site that experts claim will revolutionize the Internet like Google did in the ‘90s when it introduced AdSense.

Well, that is the impression I am left with after seeing the results of the official “Quit Facebook Day” that took just place on the 31st of May. Can you guess how many people quitted Facebook from the 400,000,000 users that the network has? A staggering 20,000. Hey, no, wait, that’s not it – 20,000 folks pledged to quit. The actual number of people who jumped ship must have been much lower. The word “flop” doesn’t get much more suitable than this.

So, did something good come out of the official “Quit Facebook Day”? Well, this music video is the closest thing I managed to find. It is a parody rap anthem by SeanieMic, and it is named… “I’m Quitting You Facebook”.

Pretty cool. If you liked it, give this previous post a try – it includes a metal hair anthem by Back Of The Class called “My Mom’s On Facebook”. Lots of fun too.