A New Guinness World Record Is Set For The Longest Freestyle Rap

Chiddy Now Holds The Guinness World Record for Longest Freestyle Rap (9 Hours And 18 Minutes).

Chiddy Now Holds The Guinness World Record for Longest Freestyle Rap (9 Hours And 18 Minutes).

Chidera “Chiddy” Anamege (of Chiddy Bang) broke the Guinness World Record for Longest Freestyle Rap during the first MTV_O Awards. Chiddy rapped for 9 hours and 18 minutes, beating previous record holder M-Eighty (who had rapped for 9 hours and 15 minutes in 2009).

Chiddy also set a new record for Longest Marathon Rapping – he beat out D.O, who had once managed to rap for 8 hours and 45 minutes.

Below you have the final minutes of Chiddy’s rap. You will notice he looks a lot at a screen. What he is reading is words that people are tweeting in real time to give him some inspiration. He sort of loses it towards the end (which is entirely logical – he had been at it for 9 hours), but he manages to pick up the pace for a rallying finale.

Kanye West’s “Monster” Gets Spoofed. This Time, The Muppets Sing It!

Kanye West's "Monster"Gets Parodied By The Muppets!

Kanye West's "Monster" Gets Parodied By The Muppets!

Good ol’ Kanye West and these demonic leaks that blight his life… Just last week, a rough cut of “Monster” set the whole Internet talking. And when that happens, the parodies are never too far behind.

Well, that is exactly what has happened. And who better to do a NSFW song than family entertainers like the Muppets?

Perversely enough, the true star of the clip is not Monster. It is Piggy. Judge by yourself…

The Return Of Kanye West

Chicago Rapper Kanye West Is Back With A New Album (“My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”) And A Hip Hop Opera To Promote It.

Chicago Rapper Kanye West Is Back With A New Album (“My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”) And A Hip Hop Opera To Promote It.

Kanye West’s career took a dramatic turn when he interrupted Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009. What he did that night earned him the anger not only of music fans but also critics and the media in general. Even president Barrack Obama lashed at him.

But it wasn’t until September of this year that the rapper took to Twitter in order to redeem himself. He sent over 70 tweets the same day, all within a couple of hours. As well as apologizing for his actions, he also enumerated the direct consequences of that fateful interruption.

– “Had to let employees go… for the first time I felt the impact of my brash actions … I felt the recession from an ownership side”

– “How deep is the scar… I bled hard.. cancelled tour with the number one pop star in the world … closed the doors of my clothing office”

– “That’s when you realize perception is reality. I’ve been straying from this subject on twitter but I have to give it to you guys raw now.”

– “If you google Asshole my face may very well pop up”

In hindsight, these apologetic tweets might as well be remembered as one of the cleverest ploys in Kanye’s career. He projected himself as a fallen star with a sympathetic heart, and as a person fully aware of his failings. And it is no wonder that his next album (“My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”) is already being spoken of in very favorable terms. Continue reading

A Rap Video By Orelsan & The Toxic Avenger That Brings Facebook To Life

“N’importe Comment” is the newest video by French rappers Orelsan and The Toxic Avenger. It pokes fun at all the artifacts of Internet culture – “liking” and “befriending” others, LOLcats… even ChatRoulette is referenced at the end, during the “DanceRoulette” section.

What do you think? Would you have done this video differently? Would you have mentioned anything else? Or does it give anybody a substantial pop culture fix as it is?

The Official “Quit Facebook Day” Gave Birth To A Music Parody By Rapper SeanieMic

Facebook privacy this, Facebook privacy that… it looks like the whole world can’t find anything else to talk about. And while the topic at hand is a legit cause of concern, it seems not enough people are worried enough to change their ways and turn their backs on the site that experts claim will revolutionize the Internet like Google did in the ‘90s when it introduced AdSense.

Well, that is the impression I am left with after seeing the results of the official “Quit Facebook Day” that took just place on the 31st of May. Can you guess how many people quitted Facebook from the 400,000,000 users that the network has? A staggering 20,000. Hey, no, wait, that’s not it – 20,000 folks pledged to quit. The actual number of people who jumped ship must have been much lower. The word “flop” doesn’t get much more suitable than this.

So, did something good come out of the official “Quit Facebook Day”? Well, this music video is the closest thing I managed to find. It is a parody rap anthem by SeanieMic, and it is named… “I’m Quitting You Facebook”.

Pretty cool. If you liked it, give this previous post a try – it includes a metal hair anthem by Back Of The Class called “My Mom’s On Facebook”. Lots of fun too.

Sandinista! (The Clash) – Album Review

Sandinista! (1980) Set The Scene For The World Music Genre That Was To Become Common Currency In The 80s

Sandinista! (1980) Set The Scene For The World Music Genre That Was To Become Common Currency In That Decade

Do you measure how good an album is by looking at how much filler it has, or by looking at the actual number of cuts that are extraordinary? That is the key question many ask themselves when they have to analyze this triple album, issued by The Clash in 1980. The previous release (London Calling, 1979) already had found them pushing boundaries by being a two-record set that included far, far more than the punk offerings that many had already associated with them.

Strummer & Co. were always the kind to stick to the “nothing ventured, nothing gained” ethos, and it was only natural they would continue taking steps forward. This particular step forward is what John Alroy calls an “anything goes” mentality. I think it is best to term it an “anything that speaks to us goes” mentality. Just listen to the single “Hitsville UK”, about a band that does not necessarily succeed but makes people happy for doing what it does (IE, playing music), and the terms of the gamble The Clash had taken this time around become all the more understandable.

The range of styles across the 6 sides of Sandinista! is as encompassing as you can imagine. Note that there are few rock songs around, and the ones available do not necessarily deliver. The one exception is their cover of Eddie Grant’s “Police On My Back”. I do like “Up In Heaven (Not Only Here)” if only because it showcases the band’s ability to tackle important issues (in this case, the tower blocks that blighted England and the living conditions therein), and I can say the same about “Somebody Got Murdered”. But the latter song highlights how far gone Topper was on heroin. He was to take a permanent leave after the next album – in hindsight, the other members of The Clash have equaled his departure with the beginning of the end for them all. Continue reading