Natalie Pryce Releases Its First Single: “Janine” & “Bisclavaret” (Videos)

Natalie Pryce

A band that operates in Glasgow, Natalie Pryce has just issued its first single. It’s a double A-sided release, made up of the songs “Janine” and “Bisclavaret” – two cuts that fittingly convey the band’s blend of jazz, blues and punk.

The dual essence of this release serves a specific purpose, namely exhibiting the band’s keenness on dichotomy, and establishing a ground where symmetry can be analyzed without compromises or apologies.

The tandem works as intended, as affection and abjection and are explored back and forth between these two compositions, resulting in the blackest of whites and vice versa.

For a limited time only, you can download both songs on the band’s website at no cost. And you can stay posted on their latest releases on Facebook and Soundcloud. Continue reading

The First Video From “Angles” (The New Album By The Strokes) Is Released

It Took The Strokes 5 Full Years To Release A New Album, But “Angles” Is Coming To Stores At The End Of March

It Took The Strokes 5 Full Years To Release A New Album, But “Angles” Is Coming To Stores At The End Of March

After a five-year hiatus, The Strokes are back in town with a new album (“Angles”), and a sparkling video to go with it.

The first song on the album (“Under Cover Of Darkness”) has been chosen as its first promotional side. The clip has already been watched more than 900,000 times. Here you have it:

Not bad. Not at all. Yet, whether “Angles” will make people forget “Is This It” (the band’s spotless debut from 2001) or just bring it to mind time and again is the question that the press has been asking incessantly.

“Angles” is slated to be released on March 22 in the US, and March 21 in the UK…

Tastebuds – Find A Perfect Match Based On Your Favorite Music


Name: Tastebuds

As much as I try not to babble all the time about music when I first meet someone, I always end up doing so if the other person shows a certain degree of interest in any of the bands I like. The thing is, not a lot of people where I live know who the heck The Who or XTC are, so I mostly end up taking about the value that music has in people’s lives, blah, blah. As a matter of fact, I have a small group of CDs in my collection that I like to call “social” albums – these are albums by artists I don’t really like but that everybody else adores like U2, The Ramones and Bon Jovi. Whenever I host a party, these are the albums I bring to the room where the Hi-fi will be located. Playing “That Wave”, “Rook” and “Omnibus” is not something that lets anybody find common ground here in Uruguay.

I wanted to tell you that because the site I am reviewing today is centered on forming relationships between people based on the music that they like. It is not exactly a dating site, but it matches you with another single who shares your very same musical tastes. You will take it from there, in the direction you want to take it.

The matching process itself works in two different ways. The first is faster, but it necessitates you having a account since Tastebuds checks it and sees exactly what kind of music you like. A series of matches is then produced. Continue reading