Toy Division!

Just found this on YouTube. Absolutely, absolutely likable! I’ve embedded the original performance below (Joy Division playing “Transmission” at Something Else) for those of you who’ve never watched it before. The amount of work that has gone into this is nothing short of laudable.


I’ve recently purchased Joy Division’s “Heart & Soul”, by the way. I’ve been purchasing lots of boxed sets over the last couple of weeks, I might create a “Boxed Sets” category on MusicKO before the month runs its course.

Toy Division!

Joy Division!

The Great Rock & Roll Swindle (The Sex Pistols) – Album Review

No Wonder Why Johnny Rotten Badmouths McLaren At Every Turn

No Wonder Johnny Rotten Badmouths McLaren At Every Turn

When I bought this album I was in the middle of my punk heydays, and I don’t recall feeling as enraged ever in my life as when I first played it. I didn’t really get it. And any person who goes into it thinking only in terms of “Never Mind The Bollocks” will be but disappointed.

You see, this was the soundtrack to a widely-banned movie that manager Malcolm McLaren assembled after Johnny Rotten had left. Many were approached by McLaren with a view of becoming the Pistols’ new lead singer, including Ten Pole Tudor and the Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs (one of the most celebrated criminals in history). In the end, everybody (including the original Pistols) handled vocals, and some early recordings featuring Johnny Rotten were thrown into the mix.

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