– Discover And Share The Latest Sounds

Name: Songspin
URL: is here to cater to all your music discovery needs. With its ability to let you pick a genre and produce a random tune after the other for you to go through, it does remind me a lot of Chatroulette. Only that has no unsavory aspects to damage the overall experience of users (or to enhance it beyond belief – I guess both vantage points can hold true).

Rock, Pop, Metal, Indie, Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop, Rap… all these genres are already supported. You simply pick the one that makes you go all noddy, bang the “SPIN” button and squeeze your headphones with your mitts if you like what comes in. And if you don’t, then you simple hit “SPIN” again. Ease of use? Up there, with Odin and Thor.

And also has a social dimension to it, for those who are really popular on sites like Facebook and Twitter. They can share the best selections that they come across when using the site, and start influencing their counterparts in a way not possible ever since Yahoo! insensitively pulled the plug on GeoCities.