Gonzalo Bouzout Issues “El Camino Bajo”, His First Solo Album

gonzalo bouzout el camino bajo

With the release of “El Camino Bajo”, Gonzalo Bouzout (the former singer for Lapso, and a current member of Pilotos En Caos) launches his solo career in earnest.

The 10-track album can be downloaded for free on his website, and (in general) it’s a more acoustic-derived work than his previous output. Though Gonzalo is joined by a three-piece band, the focus never strays too far away from his singing and playing, and the overall mood is a gentle one from top to bottom.

In all honesty (and leaving aside the fact I’ve always held his music in high esteem) I think this is going to be one of the standout Uruguayan albums of 2013.

A full review of “El Camino Bajo” is forthcoming. I encourage you to get the album now, and see how much it resonates with you.

And this is the video for the song “Puerta Al Sur” [Gateway To The South]. It’s not my favorite track on the album by any stretch, but (when you add a visual dimension to it) the song acquits itself much better:

Gonzalo Bouzout – Puerta al sur from Gonzalo Bouzout on Vimeo.