YouTube Now Features A Recommendation Engine For Music Videos

As many of you probably noticed, YouTube’s music page has been overhauled, and a key feature has been added: a recommendation engine for music videos based both on your settings, preferences and these clips that your friends are sharing.

In practice, this turns YouTube into a tool for discovery that makes me think a lot of the days in which MTV actually played music.

Such a move was long due in the face of competing services such as The Hype Machine and Pandora, and it was somehow announced just a couple of weeks ago with the release of LeanBack (a service for discovering videos based on what your friends are watching).

The advantage that the “new” YouTube Music page has got over services like The Hype Machine is that everything gains a visual dimension – we are comparing a service for discovering videos with another for finding only new audio tracks to play. I think that explains why I compared the site with “classic” MTV at the beginning. Check it for yourself here, and see if it also lets you revive some good memories.