GreetBeatz – Resources For Musicians


Name: GreetBeatz


I came across this site while researching terms like “Songwriting” and “Composing” on the web today, and I think that it deserves at least a brief mention here.

GreetBeatz introduces a concept of its own when it comes to virtual gifts (IE, the gifts that are exchanged on a daily basis on social sites such as Facebook), if only because the gifts are nothing less than full songs penned by someone who knows what he is doing.

Obviously, for this to work you have to provide the composer some key elements (they are called “suggestions” on the site), so that he will not end up praising the azure eyes of your sweetheart when her eyes are actually brown.

The most interesting part of this, though, and the one that made me include this site on MusicKO is that a link which lets budding artists volunteer their talents is included on the site. Of course, nobody would mistake this for a big break, but those of you who are looking for some experience and an actual source of income might find it worth a glance.

The URL is Once there, check the “About” pages in order to learn how to put your name across and be considered as an artist.