The First Virtual Choir Ever Is Assembled Through YouTube

It was just a matter of time until this came to be, I guess. Composer Eric Whitacre has put together approximately 250 videos that were submitted by users spanning more than 12 countries and come up with a full rendition of a piece titled “Lux Aurumque”.

The project has been a truly international one, as people from territories as dissimilar as the U.S., the UK, Canada, Spain,Germany, Ireland, New Zealand and The Philippines have actually lent their talents. I have attached the video below. You might like it or not, but you can’t argue that a milestone has just been reached.

GreetBeatz – Resources For Musicians


Name: GreetBeatz


I came across this site while researching terms like “Songwriting” and “Composing” on the web today, and I think that it deserves at least a brief mention here.

GreetBeatz introduces a concept of its own when it comes to virtual gifts (IE, the gifts that are exchanged on a daily basis on social sites such as Facebook), if only because the gifts are nothing less than full songs penned by someone who knows what he is doing. Continue reading