RockMy Events – Putting Gigs & Events On The Map


Name: RockMy Events


Traditionally, it was always possible to miss on this or the other artist when he or she came to town, even if you were a big fan of music in general. And I am talking about “established” artists. Now, if we were to move into Indie music it was always even harder to know what was going on unless you had some kind of direct connection with the band, or were in their (very) close geographical vicinity.

That is a thing of the past. Now things are far, far removed from that context. I dare say we have gone from one extreme to the other, as services like Twitter ensure that we have access to so much information that picking out which gig to attend can take longer than it took Pete Townshend to present “Lifehouse” to the world as he had originally intended it.

And in addition to Twitter, we have endless social networking sites that can be counted upon to learn what gigs are forthcoming. These often have international outreach, and are free to join.

All of the above applies to RockMy Events, a social site that is geared towards musicians. Powered by, it has comprehensive information on gigs from all across the world, and the information is presented by way of Google Maps that come complete with markers. Upon clicking on any of these, you can learn more about the price of admission and the time the gig starts, as well as a little more about the band itself and any other information the one who posted the ad decided to furnish.

As you can see, using RockMy Events is anything but brain-teasing. Of course, the fate of the site depends upon how many take to it and become regular users, posting events and information. I do advice you to give it at least a spin and see if you can find some good live  music through it. And don’t hesitate to post an event of your own here. There is not such a thing as useless publicity, you know.